February 6, 2015


So these days I am on a mission to decrease the load of toxins that my body has to process every single second of every day! I am looking for ways and means to detoxify my body.I  have to confess that I have never been kind to my body. Infact I have been extremely mean towards my body.I have always judged,criticised and abused my system.I have never been aware of the fact that my body is such an Intelligent system and working so hard to keep me alive inspite of my  callous attitude towards it.

It has always been my priority to look good from the outside but not bothering about whats happening inside the body. Like a moron I have colored my hair many a times without realizing and seriously not bothered about what the  dire consequences will be when I put such toxins into my body.I have straigtened my hair many times without giving a thought that I am overloading my system with harmful chemicals and toxins.My only desire was to look good from the outside and give a damn to whats happening inside. In the false pursuit of beauty I thought that by applying this beauty cream and this shampoo and that lipstick and by looking a certain way I can feel better about myself. Following this trend and that trend will make me feel good about myself. By following this and that actress I can be like them but not realizing that they have a whole team of people who make these ordinary girls look like a diva with tons of makeup,false hair,false eyelashes and false body parts. I never realised that it is just an image that these magicians are projecting on to us.But in the pursuit to look good I have given such grief to my beautiful body system that does nothing but love me.My body is my best  friend who I have never bothered to thank and appreciate for all the work that it does for me.

 For the longest time I have fed my bodily system with such crap and junk food that has no nutritional value at all but tastes really good! I have gulped  bottles and bottles of soft drink which I now know is nothing but pure hidden sugar!!! I have finally realized that my body is my home and I have to live in this beautiful abode so I have to be really good to my body.

From this day onward I promise myself to keep away from chemical laden creams,shampoos,conditioners, flouride tooth paste,junk food, soft drinks,added sugars as much as possible and turn to holistic way of life.

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