February 10, 2015


First and foremost I would like to thank each and everyone one of you for being a part of this beautiful journey that we are embarking on and for giving me an opportunity to share with you this ancient wisdom that has come across me in the form of some very powerful,beautiful and empowering books I have read.

I have to confess that I am no expert in the field of menstruation but it is my honest Intention to share with you this ancient wisdom ; this hidden secret that I feel is  so powerful,empowering,magical,miraculous,beautiful,shocking and unbelievable at the same timethat it has completely altered  my perception on how I view my menstrual cycle;my menstrual blood and what it symbolises to me now.

Like the lost city of atlantis;this ancient wisdom has been lost, suppressed and hidden from women throughout the ages since the rise of Patriacrhy.But now this ancient wisdom is resurfacing again and it is time for women all over the world to reclaim the lost and forgotten power,magic,miracle and beauty of their menstrual cycle;their menstrual blood.

I am very excited to share with you that I now look at my moon time,/menstrual cycle as the most powerful,healing and creative time of the month! I am in complete awe of my moon blood/menstrual blood because I now know that it is the most powerful substance on planet earth. Today I wish to honour my menstrual cycle;my menstrual blood and my mother's moon blood that nourished me for whole nine months and to honour the Great Goddess; the Great She because it is her divine energy that is embodied in the menstrual blood and that is what makes it so powerful; so magical,beautiful and miraculous!

The Menstrual Cycle of a woman is the source of her greatest power.The menstrual cycle is a cycle of creativity because its sole purpose is to create and manifest.Every month a woman goes through the cycle of death and rebirth.As the snake sheds her skin so does a woman shed her uterus lining during menstruation and rejuvenates herself which is not possible for men.A woman has the power to bleed;to be reborn without actually dying!! She is able to bleed without harming herself. A woman bleeds in sync with phases of the moon. During ancient times all women ovulated on the full moon amd menstruated on dark of the moon or new moon.A woman is most powerful when she is menstruating. A woman becomes very very powerful spiritually during her moon time because she embodies the creative energy of the Great Goddess within her.The moon time is the time to honour the Divine Feminine. It is the time to honour yourself!

During this time a woman's body changes;she feels differently;her body slows down;she becomes more sensitive and more aware.The moon time is an invitation to women to go within themselves rest, sleep,dream,meditate,pray and listen to their  body's message to slow down,contemplate in silence,nurture herself;disconnect from the outside world and to take time off from her every day routine.The fact that a woman needs to rest during their menstrual cycle implies no weakness; infact it speaks of wisdom.The natural tendency to withdraw during this time of the month allows  a woman to become quiet in tune and open to listen and feel. When a woman is menstruating she is very powerful and she should isolate herself not because she is unclean or dirty but because her energy is so expansive that it should not be wasted on everyday matters. All her energy should go towards meditating on the purpose of her life and gathering of her spiritual energy.

During ancient times women understood the blood mysteries and left their family for three days to a moon lodge with other menstruating women and bled freely in to earth.It is believed that during a menstrual cycle  a woman's dreaming becomes power. A cracks opens up before a woman two days before her period begins.During her period a woman can step through this crack into other worlds. A woman is able to enter altered state of conciousness without even trying.What mattered during this time was the inside world. Messages,signals,voices would come to these women.They would spend time contemplating and unravelling the message and then use it for their personal benefit or for the benefit of their communities.Menstruation would sometimes lead to great insights for the rest of the community.Answers were found and decisions were made based on women's insight during menstruation.  It is believed that many of the amazing prophecies made by the native people about modern times were made  by menstruating  women.Women were honoured and respected !

To be continued in the POWER OF MENSTRUATION-PART 2.

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