February 11, 2015


The Indigenous people or the ancient ones believed that the menstrual blood embodied the creative energy of the Great Goddess. They believed that this cosmos was created by the bleeding Goddess. And like the bleeding Goddess;women being the divine manifestation of the Great Goddess were able to create and manifest by the power of their moon blood. The blood mysteries teaches us that in nature the power of creation ;the magic of creation;the power to bring forth a life lay with the feminine.It teaches us that life comes from a woman and returns to a woman.Menstrual blood was considered very powerful,magical,holy and sacred.Moon blood is the same blood that nourishes a baby for nine months and then gets transformed into breast milk. It is believed that the moon blood is rich in nutrients;so full of potential;so full of nourishment. The menstrual blood is the blood of health/blood of wholeness.The menstrual blood is so powerful that it has the power to heal Mother Earth.Women have the power to offer their menstrual blood to the Great Goddess/the Great She without harming herself or taking another's life whereas men had to inflict injuries on themselves or others to offer sacrificial blood to appease the Gods and Goddesses.

In the primitive societies menstruating women were made to walk through paddy fields because they were shedding the blood of life from their bodies and that was believed to make  crops grow! This theory has been proved to be correct;scientists have claimed that the cells coming out of the moon blood are highly regenerative and have used stem cells from menstrual blood to save limbs.

A top research scientist working with menstrual blood stem cells in his research indicated that they had the capacity to work miracles. He describes how the first time he used menstrual blood stem cells he felt like he had been reborn; an unfit man in his late fifties; he had to run around the block because he had so much energy.

Another research scientist in his sixties working with stem cells had experienced his hair change from grey to the black  of his youth in matter of months. Menstrual blood has the power to heal eighty diseases. Through out the world these experiments are happening in secret-in India,China,Russia and more.

"Kamakhya Devi" temple located in assam is one of the 108 shaktipeeths where the Yoni and the  womb of Sati fell. Kamakhya Devi is famous as the bleeding Goddess.It is believed that in the month of june the Goddess bleeds for three days. At this time Brahmaputra river turns red.The temple remains closed for three days and the holy water is distributed as it is considered to be very healing and powerful.

Ancient Greek and Roman authors believed that the menstrual blood could cure diseases,drive away stormy weather and vermin.Menstrual blood was kept for magical purposes;blood soaked rags were traded for their power.

In India women wear red bindi and red sindoor because it is their belief that their husbands will be blessed with long life.This red sindoor and red bindi is symbolic of menstrual blood.

Soma was produced by "churning of the primal sea"-representing the blood of  Mother Goddess.It was drunk by priests during sacrificial ceremonies and mixed with milk as a  healing charm.

In 1900's the women working in the mills did not wear pads;they just let their blood drip on to the straws;hoping that the smell and sight of the moon blood would attract potential husbands.

Female blood color alone was considered a potent charm.The Maori tribe rendered anything sacred by coloring it red.Andaman Islanders thought blood red paint a powerful medicine and painted sick people red all over in an effort to cure them.

To be continued in the POWER OF MENSTRUATION-PART 3

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