February 11, 2015


With the rise of  patriarchy,this ancient wisdom has been lost,suppressed and hidden from women. The power of menstruation;the power of menstrual blood has been forgotten by  women.This ancient wisdom was violently suppressed in the dark ages by burning women at stake by declaring them witches. Millions of women  were burnt at the altars because they possessed this wisdom.The patriarchal society was in fear of these powerful women because within their moon blood resided the magic of creation.They resented the fact that  a woman could bleed without dying and every month produce blood and offer it to the Great Goddess/ The Creatrix;without harming themselves or taking life of another where as men had to cut themselves or take life of another for offering their blood as sacrifice to the Great Goddess. This was the darkest period in the history of humankind and with this began the suppression of women.These fearful men aimed to bring women down by teaching that menstruation was a curse.These women had to suffer unspeakable and unthinkable atrocities at the hands of these men.They were persecuted,brutally raped,striped naked,burnt alive,publicly flogged.

Today women are made to feel inferior because they menstruate. A menstruating women is considered to be unclean,dirty,sinful,disgusting,in distress,mentally disturbed,evil and ugly.What was once powerful is now seen as a source of shame.Conciously or subconciously we women believe that our power cycle/menstrual cycle is a punishment for being born a woman.We now see menstruation as an uncomfortable biological necessity.We are grossed out by our moon blood. We are disgusted by the smell of our moon blood.We are ashamed of our blood and think of it as an embarrassment.We never speak about our menstrual cycle;it is an open secret that no one wants to talk about. It is spoken about in hushed tones and the mere idea of celebrating our power cycle is blasphemous to many .We women are conditioned to believe that our power cycle is a curse. We have disowned our menstrual cycle.We refuse to accept that menstrual cycle is the source of our greatest power.We hate ourselves because we bleed .If we had a choice in the matter; we would take it upon ourselves to suppress our menstrual cycle forever;get rid of the problem for once and for all. The patriarchal society wants men and women to view menstrual cycle as a problem rather than a blessing so that women are seen as inferior and weak.Not as stable,not as efficient,not as productive.

In some cultures it is believed that a woman that over bleeds is devil incarnate.

In some cultures when a girl has her first period she is slapped by her family.

In traditional roman society a menstruating woman is considered polluted and must not have any contact with others.

Certain cutures believe that a menstruating women's shadow causes flowers to wither.

In some cultures it is believed that the touch of a menstrous woman turns wine into vinegar.

In India women are not allowed to even approach temples.

There are certain culture that train their girls to believe that menstruation will make them sick.

Women are not allowed to touch holy books and pray while menstruating.Whereas the truth is that a woman is most powerful when she menstruates,She is in direct connection with the Great Goddess. Prayers during this time of the holy month can manifest magical and miraculous  results.Have you not ever wondered why women are stopped from praying during this time of the month?Why do we accept every damn thing that we have been told by the society to be eternal truth. Why don't we  ever question about the authenticity of what we have been told to believe. Has this question never crossed our minds that why women are so violently suppressed all over the world .What is it that the patriarchal society  fears if women truly become empowered? 

For years I have thought of  my menstrual cycle as a source of  shame.I used to hate my power cycle.I was embarrassed that I menstruated.I used to abuse my menstrual cycle. I felt disgusted by the sight of my blood. I thought this made me inferior to men.I hated being a woman.I used to always wonder why would the God/Goddess do such a thing to me.Why did the Creator/Creatrix infest women with this disease.And the women that I interacted with had nothing good to say about this bane of my life. The only good thing is that this blood is neccessary in order to bring a life into this world. Otherwise its useless.Its to be tolerated and suffered in silence.I was really anxious and embarrassed incase my father and my little brother would know that I menstruate. We were never told and taught anything about our menstrual cycle in school.Now just Imagine a little girl  who is mere 13 years of age and going through such a huge change in her life.She has no idea whats happening to her.Just imagine how scary it is for this little girl who has no inkling that why blood is coming out of her system. Something is so wrong with her;may be she is about to die.Imagine the frustration that she is trying to hide the fact from everyone that she menstruates.

Is that how we want to bring up our little girls by making them feel inferior about themselves.Do we want our little girls to think that they are a lesser human being because they menstruate.Why can't we openly discuss about the subject of menstruation.Why are we trying to sweep the whole matter under the carpet. Why can't the fathers and the brothers talk about it openly with their daughters and sisters. Men know nothing about Menstruation and believe  whatever has been passed down to them by the patriarchal society.They are unsympathetic and  disrespect women because a woman menstruates. Is that what the fathers of today want for their beautiful little girls that they should feel inferior and scared. Should'nt we empower our daughters by talking about the power of menstruation and make them feel fabulous about themselves. Do they not deserve to know the truth .Should'nt we celebrate when our daughters begin their power cycle instead of making them feel bad about themselves and passing ridiculous and primitive beliefs that a menstruous woman is crazy,dirty and unclean.Should we not teach  our little girls about the glory of menstruation? Infact I believe that men should also be taught about menstruation so that they can understand that its beautiful and glorious and not a curse.

This hatred for our menstrual cycle is the root cause for women suffering from gynaecological problems.Conciously or subconciously we hate ourselves.Women are disowning their feminity because we think of it  as a weakness. We think it makes us inferior to men and so we are disconnecting from our feminine essence.We want to be like men. The more a woman becomes and thinks like a man the more diempowered she becomes.Men and women are equal but they are so different from each other. A man is mind centric whereas a woman thinks from her heart.The more a woman connects with her feminine essence the more powerful,liberated and empowered she becomes.The more she rises(not falls) in love with herself ;with her body; with her feminine essence;her menstrual cycle the more dynamic and magnetic she becomes.When a woman accepts herself and takes out time to nurture herself and is able to rise in love with herself;magic and miracles are bound to happen.We are living breathing goddesses and we just have to re-member and wake up to the power of feminine within all of us.

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