August 4, 2016

Rebellious Grahini-Fake rules to a Happy Married Life!!!!

I AM so upset right now. I had the misfortune of listening to a lecture by this certain Gentleman who happens to be very educated. But his views on what makes a marriage work were so regressive!!!! He advised that it is the husbands duty to educate his wife on how to behave after marriage. A husband should groom his wife. Listen!!! I AM not a dog that can be groomed and told what to do. He further added that to make a marriage work; a woman gives up her name. After marriage a woman starts eating non veg food if her husband is a non- vegetarian. And if she happens to marry into a vegetarian family; then she gives up her desire to eat non-veg food. And Yaa…… I know such women who have done this in the name of Love for their husbands. But Is this Love????? In the name of Love, we force a woman to give up her whole identity!!!! Why do we feel that it is okay for a woman to leave her family that nurtured and nourished her for so many years and then after she gets married she is advised that to be a good wife she has to let go of her parents????? Her Only concentration should be on how to make her husband and In-Laws happy and forget about her own parents. What kind of society are we living in that expects a woman to abandon her own parents who gave their life and blood to give us a good education and provided us with everything that we asked for!!!! I seriously I feel like crying right now. What kind of people are these who give such unsolicited advice. He went on to say that women should not think of themselves as individuals!!!!! According to him; we women are like pillars that support their husbands. He gave that clichéd quote” Behind every successful man is a woman”. This quote………does not Inspire and motivate me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! High time that behind every successful woman is a Man by her side. I do not want to be a pillar!!!! Please stop trying to condition and grooming us like a dog!!!!! Please stop trying to break our spirits!!!!!! Please support the woman in your life .Give her also the wings to fly!!!! Stop trying to shine by yourself; let her also shine. We no longer want to fulfil the supporting role. We would also like to be the “Hero” of our own life!!!!!


  1. Woohoooo..bang on right u r...loved this blog..u r awesome Neha.. :*

  2. Very well written Neha! I really hope more & more people read your blog, Specially the older generation needs a dose :P At least that person you talked about admitted that he thinks the women should be treated like crap, I hate it even more when people tell women to sacrifice everything & say" Beta its for your own good" " You're raising the next generation, the future" Dude, What about my own future?