August 13, 2016


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Striving for Ideal Beauty can be very stressful!!! Who’s to say what is ideal???? How do we decide what is ideal and what is not.  Hmmmm…………………… tough. Media is always telling us what an Ideal woman should look like. But media has has its own agenda’s!!! Company’s want to sell their products at any cost and will trigger feelings of unworthiness within you. They will bombard you with messages  that you are not good enough, not beautiful enough, not fair enough and to feel good about ourselves we are persuaded to buy their products!!! Koi bhi cream laga kar kaha koi aaj tak gora ho paya hain. But still we buy these creams in the hope that they will make us fair and finally we can accept  and feel good about ourselves. Things are not automatically going to  work out for you if you splash yourself with this certain Talcum Powder!!!!( Har baat hogi poori jab shurwat ho sahi)  I have bought many creams to get rid of dark circles under my eyes but no cream has been able to help.

Beauty pageants are constantly telling us that you have to be a certain size to even be eligible to participate in them. A true Beauty pageant will allow women of all shapes and sizes to participate in them .  Are they trying to tell us that women with perfect 10 bodies( What is a perfect 10 body anyways) are the only ones who are beautiful, Intelligent, talented and Interested in world peace!!! It’s laughable!!!    Right now only beautiful and supposedly perfect bodies are participating in these contests. There’s no heart and soul in it.  It’s all about outer beauty. These contests do not empower women; they only project that they are interested in women empowerment. True inner beauty is not even a consideration!!!

Have you ever watched these reality show’s where they shame women based on their bodies? Every time I cringe when they tell a woman that your body is not good, you are fat, your bum is not of  right shape, your thighs are fat , you are not tall enough, your smile is not perfect. Are they a bloody piece of meat????  If you are short in height you can’t participate. Why????? You could be short in height but could have the most beautiful heart and could be really talented, creative , have the most amazing grand ideas  and wait for it be interested in………………………….ta da “ World Peace”!!!!

Why is height, weight, skin colour, even a consideration in defining true inner beauty!!! Why are we so limited in our perception of what true beauty is all about!!!!  I guess we have to redefine the meaning of “ Beauty” ourselves and not allow media, company’s or some beauty pageant to define it for us.

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