August 2, 2016


               So what is the mission statement of a “Rebellious Grahini”.

·        Love your self- Loving your self is the most important thing that you can ever do for your own self!!! Because if you don’t love yourself it will become very difficult for you to truly love anybody else. Because when you are not happy; then you can’t make anybody else happy. After all you can only pretend so much. Sacrificing your happiness to make others happy will only fester resentment within you. Eventually you will burnout and feel resentment towards the same people whom you wanted to make Happy. So Love yourself unconditionally. It’s not easy but we can get there. Radiate Love to yourself. Take out time for yourself. Do things that you have always wanted to do. Follow your dreams. Become a fully empowered and whole woman!!

·         Accept your self- Accepting yourself is easier said than done. It’s very difficult for us to accept ourselves the way we are. We are always looking for perfection. A perfect Body, a perfect relationship, a perfect marriage, perfect career, perfect children and list goes on and on. As women our aspirations to be a perfect mother, perfect wife, perfect daughter in law, perfect homemaker etc etc……can be very consuming and a daunting task!!! And to be honest our desire to be perfect in everything that we do can truly cost us. The cost is our “Health”. Our bodies are constantly in fight or flight mode because of all the stress that we take. So go into a relax mode every 15 minutes. Take deep breaths. Acknowledge that you have flaws. Accept them. Focus on being a whole woman and not a good woman. Because aspiring to be only good and perfect can be very dangerous for our health. Give yourself a break, ladies. You deserve it!!!You can’t make everybody happy and you should not!!!

·         Love your Feminine Body- Our feminine bodies truly deserve all the love that we can give them. Give your feminine body unconditional love and acceptance. We live in this body so respect it. Our bodies have feelings so send out positive messages. Don’t Indulge in Body Shaming. The more we hate our bodies the more diseased it will become. Thank your body for all that it does for you. Our bodies are miraculous self-healing organisms. Respect the natural rhythms and cycles of your feminine body. Connect with your body. Bring you awareness into your body. Feel the energy coursing through your body. And just love your it. Don’t compare your body with someone else’s; It’s a total waste of time!! Your body is your best friend. Listen to it and relax when it tells you. Radiate love to your body all the time.

·         Love your Menstrual Cycle- A woman’s menstrual cycle is miraculous. But we are ashamed of our menstrual cycle. We never talk openly about our monthly cycle. We talk about it in hushed tones. There’s even a Sanitary Pad company “Whisper”!! We think our magical cycle is dirty and a curse. We even make fun of it. But what we don’t know is that it’s the same blood that creates life. Our babies are created with this magical blood so how can it be dirty? The same blood has the power to cure 80 diseases. We have to let go of outdated patriarchal beliefs that were handed down to women that our blood is a source of shame. Our miraculous blood is a source of our authentic woman power. Love your menstrual cycle!!!

·         Let Go of Outdated Beliefs- Let go of outdated beliefs that no longer serve us. It is a painful process to let go of the belief that we have forever thought to be true but holding on to it is even more painful. Be open and receptive to new ideas.

·         Love your Inner Child- There is a little girl within all of us that was abandoned a long time ago. So embrace that little girl and hold her hand and Invite her back into your life.

So It’s all about loving yourself sisters!!!

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